Oral Hygiene-No More Summer Slacking

Oral Hygiene-no summer slacking !

Keep your daily hygiene schedule when school is out.

Oral hygiene is easy to fall out of schedule when kids when kids are out of school.  For many this means they stop brushing twice a day.  Especially younger children that fall out of the schooldays routine.  Helpful ideas to remind your children to brush are:

Don’t let a more relaxed schedule effect your brushing habit!

Even if you’re not at school you still need to brush for two minutes, twice a day! https://www.wildforasmile.com/dental-faq.php#how_do_i_prevent_cavities


Do you have set routines in your grind?

You must have a daily oral hygiene routine to be successful in keeping up on the fight against tooth decay and periodontal diseases.  Dental diseases that plague the mouth are preventative when proper oral hygiene is practiced twice daily.