Ease Your Child's Dental Anxiety

Trust us with your child's procedure in Greeley, CO

During your child's checkup at Wild for a Smile Children's Dentistry, our dentist will do a full exam. If they notice an issue with your child's teeth or your child has severe dental anxiety, they may recommend sedation. Sedation dentistry is an effective, safe way of reducing your child's anxiety and making the procedure easier for them.

We work on-site with an experienced anesthesiologist. The doctor will give your child an airborne anesthetic, or laughing gas, to ease their anxieties. Your child will be asleep before receiving the IV.

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Why choose sedation?

Why choose sedation?

Children often benefit from sedation dentistry for more serious, anxiety-inducing procedures. Our goal is to provide great, safe dental services for your child, and sedation often increases the quality of care we can provide.

Our dentists sometimes recommend sedation dentistry because...

  • It creates a relaxing environment to reduce dental anxiety.
  • The procedure is much faster and safer.
  • It reduces your child's active gag reflex.
Your child should have a positive experience every time they visit our dentist office. Using sedation for challenging procedures often reduces the risk of dental anxiety in the future.

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