Drink More Water. Maintain oral health.

Drink More Water

A great way to improve your overall health and to reduce the risk for decay http://www.aapd.org/media/Policies_Guidelines/BP_CariesRiskAssessment.pdf#xml=http://pr-dtsearch001.americaneagle.com/service/search.asp?cmd=pdfhits&DocId=471&Index=F%3a%5cdtSearch%5caapd%2eorg&HitCount=11&hits=51a+51b+5fd+5fe+6ce+6cf+b02+b03+1097+1098+10b6+&hc=394&req=drinking+water is to stay hydrated by drinking water frequently.  Try eliminating sugary juices, sports drinks https://www.wildforasmile.com/blog/2018/10/04/sports-drinks-can-damage-your-teeth/ colas and choose more mouth-healthy options.

Water, which helps clean teeth by washing away food debris and acid. Also, drink more milk to fight tooth decay by getting a healthy dose of casein – a protein in milk that strengthens enamel!

Water to lowers the pH in your mouth.  The lower the pH of the saliva, the more acidic your mouth is which translates to demineralization of the teeth.  Demineralization of the teeth leads to cavities.